About me

My name is Cristina Tschuppert and I was born and grew up in Lucerne, Switzerland. My hobby is to collect antique dolls, accessories and teddy bears. I am a member of the Carmel Doll Club. I am also a professional city tour guide in Luzern, Switzerland and do speak German, Italian, English and French. Please feel free to ask questions, I am happy to answer them. 

Here is what rarities4you has to offer: 

  • Walking or bus city tours, tours on special themes, tours in museums for groups and individual guests

  • Travel companion for excursions of a half, one or several days.

  • Travel companion in Switzerland and Europe.

  • I take care of contacts with museums, boat companies, etc. and I can help you to select hotels, restaurants or cultural events. Please visit also www.pearlsofswitzerland.com.

As a collector of antique dolls and teddy bears I know how much fun it can be to travel around with other collectors. My vision is to bring together collectors of the world,  having fun and a memorable time together. Because I love what I do, it is pure joy to help my client to make a treasurable addtion to their collection. 

By the way, let me know if you are looking for a special item.  I will try to find it for you through my network. 


I always loved teddy bears. My first antique Steiff Teddy Bear was in real poor condition. So I brought him to a teddy bear clinique here in Lucerne and when I picked him up, he was restored perfectly. I fall in love with antique dolls too and then I discoverd the world of dollhouses. So since then I am an enthusiastic fan of antique dolls and teddy bears. I travel to the USA and many other countries and always find many nice new friends who all share this passion. Antique dolls and teddy bears are art and culture. It's history of mankind and we all love to treasure and share this old toys of the world of past times. 

Happy Collecting! 



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